Kids and the Flu

If you have young kids, you know that during winter they constantly battle sicknesses. "Strep throat is typically an infection of the tonsils and the back of the throat, the pharynx, that causes pain and fever," Dr. James said. The… continue reading ›

Healthwatch: Flu Season

The flu season is here and local doctors have already seen more than 900 cases. This year, some patients are reporting symptoms are worse than ever. Linda Avent from the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital infection control department says the flu… continue reading ›

Heathwatch: Premature Babies

One out of eight babies are born premature in the United States. They often require special care to keep them alive. Early childbirth can be a scary reality for parents. The earlier the baby, the higher risk for complications. "My… continue reading ›

Protecting Athletes From Concussions

This video is no longer available. Concussions are being taken more seriously in the world of sports. Now schools and hospitals are doing their part to help spread the word about concussion prevention. "Concussions are on the forefront of everything… continue reading ›

Voters Are Encouraged To Double Check Registration

This video is no longer available. September 2013 Is National Voter Registration Month in Tennessee The Tennessee Secretary of State and the Madison County Election Commission encourage people to make sure your current registration is accurate. "It is important for… continue reading ›

Health Watch: November is Hospice Month

November is hospice month, which is a service to care for terminally ill patients who don't have much longer to live. The goal is to make those last months as enjoyable and comfortable for patients as possible. "Usually it's for… continue reading ›

Plan B Controversy

This video is no longer available. JACKSON, Tenn. - The Food and Drug Administration was ordered to lift age restrictions on the sale of emergency contraceptives, making it available without a prescription for those under 17. Tamara Tosh, a licensed… continue reading ›

Clinics and ERs Inundated with Flu Patients

This video is no longer available. Jackson, Tenn. - Patient by patient Jackson emergency rooms and clinics are being flooded with patients experiencing flu-like symptoms. "It's an epidemic because so many people are getting it and they're getting it early,"… continue reading ›

Fatal Wreck on 45 Bypass

This video is no longer available. Jackson police are investigating a fatal car crash along Highway 45 Bypass that claimed the life of one person. According to police, the wreck happened just before Noon in West Jackson near the Hollywood… continue reading ›



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